SWERVE™ (blue)

Complete playing kit includes poles, Swerve™ flying disc, mesh travel bag, playing instructions and rules.

There are various flying disc games on the internet and they have many different names not to mention rules. (Polish Horseshoes for example)We feel that once you have experienced Swerve™, you have experienced the best product on the market and you will have hours of fun.

Swerve™ is a game made for family fun, parties, the beach, tailgating etc… The product is meant to be as portable as possible. Almost anywhere people gather to have fun outdoors, Swerve™ can be played.

Product available in multiple colors... each set comes standard with its own convenient carry bag and one Swerve™ flying disc. Sets are lightweight, sturdy construction and easy to assemble; they can be set up anywhere - the beach, tailgates parties, backyard, even indoors!!

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Shipping: $4.99
Typically Ships in 2-3 Business Days via Fed Ex Ground


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