Play-ble™, Multi-functional Cornhole Boards & Tailgating Tables Set

Play-ble™ is a multi-functional recreational gaming table that has the unique ability of transforming from bean bag toss games into free-standing individual tables or connected tables. Protected by patent rights, its unmatched functionalities drive this product to the forefront for outdoor recreational entertainment.

Each Play-ble™ unit comes equipped with: two (2'x4') plastic gaming tables, two plastic table caps, two collapsible serving cups, eight bean bags, four protective gaming leg caps, and one carrying case.

Play-ble's™ dimensions are regulation sized length, width, and height when used as a bean bag toss game. When used as a table, the hole located in the top-center of the gaming table can be sealed by its matching caps or be utilized by inserting the collapsible cups that are perfect for serving chips, napkins, eating utensils, nuts, ice, etc. Play-ble's™ carrying case also allows it to be easily stored and transported.

Other than Play-ble's™ exclusive ability to transform between bean bag toss games and tables, there are also many additional distinctive attributes located within its table configuration. Play-ble™ was designed and intented to serve any desired style of table, and its ability to easily connect and disconnect allows users to ideally arrange these tables in a manner that best suits their outdoor recreational setting.

Our design allows Play-ble's™ uses as: bean bag toss games, a bean bag toss game and an individual (2'x4') free-standing table, two individual (2'x4') free-standing tables, a connected (2'x8') Serving or Dinning table, a connected L-shaped Bar or Buffet Table, or a (4'x4') Card Table.

Additional distinctive and notable attributes of Play-ble™ are this product is: extremely durable, comes pre-assembled, easily transported, fits in most standard car trunks or back seats, easily connected and disconnected, easily sanitized by any all-purpose cleaner, and lost and replacement accessories are available.

Shipping: $10.00
Same day shipping via UPS Ground *on order placed before 3pm est.


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