Our Fanatic Philosophy

Tailgating Fanatic operating under Tailgating Fanatic, is located in Southern Central Georgia. After conducting over two years of market research and product development, we have succeeded in obtaining a strong grasp of the tailgating industry. During this timeframe, we also established our company goals and a sound corporate mission.

Our primary mission and goal at Tailgating Fanatic is a simple one: We want to bring quality entertainment to individual’s lives by enriching our customer’s tailgating and outdoor experiences. We have established a link, under our customer photos section, where people can send pictures of their tailgating adventures. Our intentions for establishing this link was directed toward preserving our corporate philosophy.

This link allows us to answer two important questions pertaining to the tailgating industry and our company goals, which are: where all are our products going, and who is enjoying them? Tailgating Fanatic feels that by having a customer photos section it is able to better maintain a personable relationship with you, our valued customer. In addition, this link also allows our customers to see other tailgating fanatics, like themselves, having fun in all different parts of the United States!

An additional core component of Tailgating Fanatic’s business philosophy and goals is to provide excellent customer service. We understand how important customer service and customer loyalty are to the life of a business, which is why all of our customers can take comfort in knowing that any order placed via internet or by phone is safe and private. Tailgating Fanatic works extremely hard to ensure that our customers feel secure when doing business with us, and we constantly attempt to achieve complete customer satisfaction with any of their purchases. Not only do we want our customers to be satisfied with the products they purchase from us, we also want them to approve of the timeline in which it took them to be delivered. Tailgating Fanatic constantly goes to great lengths to try and ensure that our products continuously arrive to a designated location in a timely fashion.

To us, tailgating is more than pastime, it is a lifestyle. Some people enjoy tailgating, and others cherish it. The staff at Tailgating Fanatic cherishes it, and we hope our customers enjoy using our products as much as we enjoy building and providing them.

For any questions regarding sales, shipping, or any other business matters, please visit our contact us page. One of our associates will gladly assist you via email or phone. We are extremely grateful for your business and interest.


The Tailgating Fanatic Staff

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